Drawlloween is the Halloween-based art challenge started by Brian Soria in 2012. Inspired by Jonathan Coulton’s “Thing A Week”, it began as a series of warm up prompts for his Austin-based “Society of Malice” art group. As the challenge found it’s way to online artist forums, it took off and is now enjoyed around the world.

Drawlloween’s is a celebratory ritual of the Halloween season of drawing creepy, spooky, weird things all month long. Challenge your ghoul friends to finish all 31 days, and spread the word.

I'm really humbled that a fun exercise for my little art group has spiraled into something so much bigger! I just want to thank absolutely everyone for participating, for sharing, and for creating.

Have fun, keep drawing (and if you feel so inclined check out my personal blog from time to time, or check out my Drawlloween merchandise if you’d like to help support us!)